Social Media 2024 – What’s in store?
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Social Media 2024 – What’s in store?

Sophie Henderson

Marketing Assistant at Shaw

In our social media predictions blog for 2023, we discussed the rise of TikTok, vertical videos, LinkedIn influencers and a ‘less is more’ approach to content, but what exactly should we expect to see in 2024?
Our research tells us that the following themes are likely to shape social media in the year ahead:
AI-Generated Content

AI escapism is proving popular with audiences. This form of content introduces a level of creativity that remains largely untapped, offering endless possibilities for brands to infuse playfulness into their campaigns. We saw several viral AI campaigns in 2023, from Maybelline’s ‘fake’ giant mascara wand placed on a London underground train, to Orange’s World Cup AI fake-out, so it goes without question that we will see significantly more ground-breaking AI generated campaigns on social media in 2024.


For AI generated content, think quality over quantity: rather than bombarding your audience (you don’t want them to have to try to decipher what’s real and what’s not!).

Social Platforms as New Search Engines

Anticipate a growing demand in 2024 for users seeking genuine insights from real individuals rather than relying on traditional Google search results. Social media is emerging as the preferred source for authentic advice, and as we progress into 2024, social media channels could pose a challenge to conventional search engines.

The Rise of Micro and Nano Influencers

What makes social media more trustworthy than search engines? It’s mainly down to the trust associated with social media influencers. Users tend to feel as if they ‘know’ the individual personally, after following them on social media over a period of time.

In 2024, we can expect to see a shift towards micro (10k-50k followers) and nano influencers (<10k followers), as opposed to celebrity endorsements. This is because brands perceive that this particular type of influencer enjoys genuine engagement with their niche audiences.

Threads to Gain Popularity

The popularity of app ‘Threads’ is increasing and communities are emerging, although within a niche audience, primarily comprised of semi-professionals and creatives. While it hasn’t captured widespread attention, the platform is here to stay and is expected to gain a wider, engaged audience in 2024.


To summarise, in 2024, we know that adapting to the changing social media scene involves incorporating AI-generated content, acknowledging the search engine function of social platforms, increased use of Threads, and recognising the impact of micro and nano influencers. We recommend considering how you can benefit your brand by building these trends into your approach to social media in the year ahead.

Do you need help refining your social media strategy for 2024? The team at Shaw would be delighted to assist. Reach out and let us help you get ahead of the pack.