Changing lives by giving something back
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Changing lives by giving something back

Isabel Johnson

Deputy Managing Director at Shaw

Many of our clients will know that we support B1G1, the international business-giving initiative, which enables us to change lives by giving something back in meaningful ways. The scheme involves us making a difference by making small donations to great causes and projects around the globe on the back of work that we undertake for our clients.

We always try to match the donation to the sector that we have worked on. For example, if we work with a client in construction, we will support a project which is helping to build houses or get a roof over the heads of families in a disadvantaged country. If our client is a college or university, we might help to buy books or resources for a school. And if it’s an agricultural client, we may choose to supply seeds to grow much-needed grain crops.

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We believe that every business has the power to make a difference by integrating a little giving into its everyday business activities, and this is a simple but powerful example of putting that belief into action. It’s not something that we shout about, it’s just something that we do, which gives a wider purpose to the day and an appreciation of how a little can go such a long way to helping those who so desperately need our help.

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