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New Mobile App game designed and launched

Alastair Bruce

Managing Director at Shaw

Pitchlife unlocks the history of leading Scottish football club

In November, we delivered – as a lead member of the project team – a mobile app game which was launched by Heart of Midlothian FC. The new app, called Pitchlife, brings the story of the club and its players to a wide audience in an accessible, fun medium. A free-to-play card-collecting game, it features every player – more than 1200 – who has played a competitive match for Hearts from 1874 to the present day, as well as a series of some of the great moments from the club’s history.

Player cards are collected through an online game which allows game-players to create teams and play against other game-players. As matches are won, gameplayers access additional cards, each of which has statistics and information of that player’s career with the club. By winning matches, game-players increase their level and play increasingly tougher competition.

Boost cards, substitutions and changing team formations allow the player to influence the play, while in-app purchases can fast-track players’ progress through the 50 levels.

Further developments of the app are planned following the initial launch.

Our work included input to the overall concept and its development, branding, design, business and project management, marketing and creation of the content. To find the game, search ‘Pitchlife Hearts’ on the app stores.

Hearts players Craig Wighton, Jamie Walker and Jake Mulraney launching the new Pitchlife app.