Is your website fresh and up to date?
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Is your website fresh and up to date?

Isabel Johnson

Deputy Managing Director at Shaw

You spent months on your new website project – the launch happened, people were excited, and it slowly slipped from your mind as a project that was done and dusted.

Does that sound familiar?

But surely after investing money in a beautiful new website, you want to make sure it stays fresh and relevant, constantly acting as a business tool. You shouldn’t leave it in stasis gathering dust, and we’ve pulled together some tips that can help you avoid that happening.

Our five quick tips are:
  1. Make time to blog. In a nutshell, blogging about topics relevant to your industry and customer helps boost your website’s SEO. You’re seen as a site that is active, engaging and if you update your blog regularly it can make a massive difference to your websites performance in search engine results.
  2. If you have a little bit more time to spend, look at your analytics. Analytics are such a valuable tool and can help you see how people move through your website or shop. You can compare your low traffic and high traffic pages to see if there’s content you could improve on – or you might realise that some aspect of your business is receiving high volumes of online traffic and want to push that more. A good look at your analytics can really help you figure out where to go next with your online strategy.
  3. Change the homepage banner (this seems like the biggest website stasis offence). If you’ve just got 10 minutes every month, this is a really small change, but it gives repeat visitors a refreshed experience. If you can change it monthly it can be an opportunity to reflect on your current marketing focus.
  4. If you’ve got a bit longer than 10 minutes to spare, then theme or refresh more of the content on the homepage. Seasonally you may have something you’re trying to showcase, or a new project to shout about. If you have an online shop you could curate a featured collection that you also push on social. If you’re a business you might have an exciting new project that you want the world to see immediately, instead of it being hidden two clicks into the site. If you’re excited about your homepage, hopefully other people will be too!
  5. Finally, add a social feed. If you’re a visual business who’s active on Instagram or other social channels have you considered adding a social feed just above your footer? The feed makes use of content you’re already creating regularly, gives a splash of colour and adds a little extra personality to your homepage.

If you want to chat more about all things digital and figure out how to get more out of your website, then drop us an email at