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Social Media Marketing Predictions 2021

After we spent 2020 at home, glued to our phone screens digital marketing boomed. So we’ve pulled together our predictions for 2021’s social media marketing trends.

Using 2020 learnings to build your 2021 marketing strategy

There aren’t many businesses that haven’t had to adapt their ways of working in 2020, and reviewing what we’ve learnt is vital to be able to plan for 2021 – whatever that might throw at us!

Why is good photography so important?

Photography can be used in a huge number of ways to promote your business and are so important. Here we discuss how to make the most of a photoshoot and get some insight from one of the photographers we work with – Nick Callaghan.

Communicating your new way of working

Your customers want to know what they can expect as your business reopens – or starts operating in person again and it’s so important to make your customers feel safe and update them with your new precautions. To help you figure out the best way to share your ‘new way of working’ messages, we’ve pulled together some quick tips.

How to communicate through infographics

Five tips on how you can hone and craft information into bite-sized infographic chunks. So you deliver clear and concise, on-brand messaging to your customers.

Bounce Back Marketing Strategy

Discover how to re-focus, look to the future and create an effective bounce-back marketing strategy using our eight-step guide.

Get to know your customers better using data

Without analysing your data, how can you be sure that your target market and your actual customers are the same? Getting to truly know your customer, and potential customers, are key to expanding your business.

Using data to solve business problems

In order to find a solution that really works, you need to find the root cause. There are a number of ways you can gain insight into your business using data to pinpoint exactly what needs fixing, and how to fix it.

How to create content during lockdown

Research suggests your customers still want to hear from you. So what content are you creating to reach them during lockdown?

Fostering online community

A lot of people focus on growing their own community of followers, but there’s so much to be gained from also growing and being part of a community of fellow businesses. Here we discuss some reasons why…