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Campaign: So Much To Sea

Seafood Shetland Industry Associations

The seafood sectors of fishing, processing and aquaculture are the most significant industries in Shetland's economy. All year round, Shetland seafood is exported all over the world.

However, this cornerstone of the Shetland economy is not always appreciated or understood – even in the very communities that it supports. To address this lack of understanding, the industry associations (Shetland Aquaculture, Shetland Fishermen’s Association, Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation and Seafood Shetland) commissioned Shaw Marketing and Design to initiate a major awareness campaign.

The challenge:

  • To build awareness of the huge social and economic impact on the islands to the local community
  • To encourage visitors and the local community to appreciate and enjoy the seafood bounty that swims around its shores

 The solution:

There was no simple solution. This called for an integrated campaign that targeted all sectors of the community, communicated a number of key messages, and also really engaged individuals so that they not only understood the significance of the sector, but also re-established the emotional links with an industry that had once been seen as the lifeblood of the islands.

We took a strategic approach that went to the very heart of the local communities, drawing out the history, communicating key facts about the industry today, highlighting job opportunities, emphasising the quality and nutritional value and availability of the product.

The audiences were identified and the messages established. From here, a detailed plan was created adopting the right media mix.

Establishing a strong brand that would appeal across all age groups was our first task. The bright and bold ‘So Much To Sea’ brand was borne and applied to a range of media:

  • Community Events
  • Public Relations
  • Radio
  • Exhibitions and Schools
  • Exhibition Pods
  • Film
  • Website
  • Social Media

"While the aims and objectives of this particular project were quite clear in the minds of those at Seafood Shetland, the actual method of how to create and convey the project’s message was challenging.  The support of Shaw’s staff in this particular area knew no bounds and ably demonstrates the company’s dedication to a client.  The equipment and material which has been created for this project has been greatly admired and was in demand to appear at numerous events throughout Scotland in 2014."

Ruth Henderson, Chief Executive, Seafood Shetland


The campaign reached almost the entire population of Shetland

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