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Exhibition: Heart of Midlothian Museum

Heart of Midlothian

In 2015/16, we played a central role in the creation of a new museum telling the story of Heart of Midlothian Football Club. The museum - at Hearts’ home at Tynecastle Stadium - tracks the history of the club since it formed in 1874 and takes visitors through the story of one of the oldest football clubs in Scotland.

We had a number of key roles in this project. At the outset, we devised a strategy for how the extensive history could be broken down and recounted through a logical and appealing narrative. At the same time, we created the design proposals for the museum, including the branding. These having been accepted, we then researched the history of the club and wrote all the narrative. We designed the ‘big picture’ look and feel of the museum and then every panel and other presentational routes for the narrative and the artefacts, as well as all the signage associated with the museum.

Working closely with the architect, builder, lighting experts, club historians and project manager, we managed the production of the exhibitions, as well as the final installation of the materials.

Finally, we scripted and produced a ten-minute video of the club’s history, which is shown in the museum.

The Hearts museum opened in September 2016 and has received widespread acclaim and praise. It was the subject of a congratulatory motion in the Scottish Parliament.

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